Monday, November 30, 2015

2 wonderful experiences - Year 2015

Had 2 wonderful experiences this year. Something that was out of the routine. Something that I hadn't done in years. Something that was not much adventure but I still loved it. Both of these two experiences demand a separate post on the blog and I will write about them. But the kind of happiness that I have got for these two experiences remind me of only one thing. These reinforce the idea of experimenting more in life while I can.

So I changed ob this year and my new job requires me to travel a bit. I was apprehensive initially. I haven't traveled without family in a long long while. Either Seona (my 5 year old) or Mala was always with me whenever I traveled. I missed them badly during my travels. However, I did enjoy as well. So bakc to the 2 experiences.

1. I got a chance to travel in one of the best & luxurious modes of transport with 5 star comforts. It was a journey onboard Singapore Airlines A380 business class from Singapore to London. A wonderful 13 hours flight. An amazing experience. I must say I have not had as yummy Chicken Stay on land as I had cruising at 38000 feet above in air.

                                                       Onboard SQ A 380 SIN- LHR

2. I stayed in one of the cheapest available places to stay. It was a shared accommodation. A Hostel. After spending thousands of dollars on hotels in different countries, knowing that I am traveling alone on this trip, and after a lot of contemplation I booked a hostel for my 2 nights stay in London as a tourist. It was not the cheapest hostel available. In fact it was one of the costliest hostels but I decided not to do too much adventure. Was I happy about my decision? Oh yes! It was such an amazing stay at Park Villa Hostel. I loved every moment of it. The staff, the rooms, the decor, the breakfast, the informal atmosphere. Everything about it. I am definitely going to stay in a hostel again. Here are some photographs of the two wonderful experiences.....

                                                    The beautiful room at Park Villa Hostel
                                                             Wall art at Hostel reception

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